Feudi Bizantini

The Ulisse Family

Antonio, Luigi, and Gianfranco

Feudi Bizantini | Crecchio, Italy

New by Italian standards, Feudi Bizantini was founded in 2006 by brothers Luigi and Antonio Ulisse, and their father Gianfranco. The Ulisse brothers were young, but incredibly aggressive and forward thinking - they believed in a modern expression of century old traditions which were unique to Abruzzo.

Nestled between the hills of Chieti and the Adriatic sea, Crecchio sits on the East coast of Abruzzo benefiting from breezes out of both the East and West. Leading to great temperature fluctuation between day and night, and wines that are fuller bodied than others produced in the same region.


We hope our unique expression of regionally traditional and authentic wines leads to the growth and fame of Abruzzo as a leader in premium Italian winemaking.

Ci auguriamo che la nostra espressione unica di vini regionali tradizionali e autentici porti alla crescita e alla fama dell'Abruzzo come leader nella vinificazione italiana di qualità