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The Viniamo Difference

We work directly with small and family-owned wine producers, enabling us to remove multiple steps in the supply chain – and the costs that come with those steps – to provide our consumers with top quality products at incredible value.

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Family-Owned Wineries.

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Our Story

“We have developed an innovative concept to support family-owned farms by distributing their products in America, while providing the greatest value possible to our consumers”

Wineries are farms, and there are over one million wineries in Italy, many of them very small. The majority of these Italian wineries produce fantastic wine, but successful exporting and distribution is incredibly difficult -- notably in America, where difficult importing and distribution laws create many challenges for small foreign wineries to successfully distribute their products.

So, we have created an innovative concept to support Italian farmers. Viniamo acts as the importer and distributor, removing additional and unnecessary “middleman” costs and allowing us to offer premium wines at an incredible value. In addition, we have developed a unique omni-channel distribution approach where we distribute through Viniamo-owned retail bottle shops and tasting rooms; a Viniamo e-commerce shop; on-premise account sales (restaurants); and national wholesalers.

Our founders, Carmine Berardi and Brendan Papariello had been friendly for many years, and both have a strong passion for wine. Eventually, their conversations and newfound free time during the recent pandemic led to the creation of Viniamo. As a team, they had strong wine importing, sales, and distribution experience, industry knowledge, an innovative concept, but most importantly, strong relationships with families and farmers in Italy.

Viniamo’s first strategic partnership is with the Brancher family of Verona, a family with a small yet successful winery. In addition to handling our initial production needs, they will be an integral piece of our growth strategy. Our goal is to grow through additional partnerships with families in other regions of Italy, and eventually in other countries.

Our family partners appreciate your support. Ciao!