Borgo di Colloredo

The Di Giulio Family

Enrico and Pasquale

Borgo di Colloredo | Molise, Italy

Third generation winemakers and brothers Enrico and Pasquale Di Giulio are proprietors of Borgo di Colloredo. Their winery sits on a beautiful plot of land on the Adriatic coast of Southern Italy, the land passed down to Enrico and Pasquale from their parents, who were also passionate winemakers.

Enrico is the head winemaker and oenologist, and Pasquale has a passion for the soil, land, and managing the vineyards as the head of agronomy.

Their approach involves a combination of authentic winemaking, vineyard management techniques passed down through generations, and a passion for the environment. With an emphasis on sustainability, they believe that they can enhance not only their land but also the terroir of their winemaking region.

In addition to the Borgo di Colloredo brand, which has been in their family for generations, Enrico and Pasquale have introduced a new brand, Tenute Di Giulio.

Pasquale Di Giulio

The land is first of all a place where life is born. The health of our land is the most precious legacy we can hand down to future generations.

La terre e prima di tutto un luogo dove nasce la vita, La salute della nostra terra e l'eredità più preziosa che possiamo tramandare alle generazioni future.