Cantina Casetto

Founded in 1999 by Aldo and Luana Brancher, located in the small lakeside town of Bardolino.

Lago di Garda

Ten hectares of vineyards and olive trees located on Italy's largest, and most picturesque lake, Lago di Garda. More than just scenery, the lake provides a variety of beneficial characteristics to the wines of the region.

The Brancher Family

Their Story

Founded by Aldo and Luana Brancher. Together, they owned and operated Cantina Casetto until late 2018, when unfortunately, Luana lost a long and hard fought battle with cancer. Today, Cantina Casetto is still run by Aldo, with the assistance of his and Luana’s three children, Chiara, Alessandra, and Andrea. Alessandra (24) and Chiara (26) pictured here.

Winemaker, Founder, Aldo Brancher

Aldo is the head winemaker, and has been since their opening in 1999. He has always had a love for the winemaking process and enjoys spending long days in their vineyards. Within Bardolino, Aldo is known for his “incredible sense of aromas”.

Chiara, the oldest daughter and certified sommelier, handles all aspects of the financial operations and looks into new business opportunities. Alessandra (Ale) the middle child and second daughter, manages the wine shop at the winery, as well as managing special events. The youngest, Andrea, is still a student, but can be found back at home during school breaks assisting with farming duties, especially during harvest.

Small Team, Small Production.

In addition to the above, the family employs a team of local employees to assist in all aspects of winery operations. During busy season, especially harvest, they rely on local family and friends to assist in the vineyards, a common practice in the small town!

With less than 50 wineries in the whole region, you can find all producers from Bardolino supporting each other – they all have the same goal of gaining more recognition for the relatively unknown and underrated region of Bardolino.

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